Technology haters, listen up.

I know these days it is popular to hate technology, and how it has overtaken our lives.  While I’m not interested in arguing the point with anybody, I would like to say I am a 60+ grandmother who has embraced the advances of the digital information age.  In the past few weeks, I’ve:

  • had a video chat with my eight-year-old grandson, whose animated facial expressions could not hide his excitement in telling us some news,
  • watched, in real time through live streaming, that same grandson be baptized by his father at his church, while we were over 1,000 miles away,
  • texted my 80+ year-old mother about that news (please don’t tell her I posted her age!  Never mind, she will see it anyway)
  • got a photo of my youngest grandson on my phone, while hundreds of miles away,
  • saw my middle grandson’s baseball team photo posted on social media, as a highlight of the community’s parks and rec department,
  • listened to a sermon from my Pastor, even though I had been unable to sit in person last Sunday,
  • corresponded, through emails, phones and texts, with more than 50 clients – many of whom I have never met – serving their needs, while hanging out in my RV office under the most beautiful blue sky and red rocks a person can imagine.
So for all you technology haters, let me tell you something – I would not trade my opportunity to be in this digital age for any other time in history.  I embrace technology and want to get the most out of it.  I am all in and looking for more!
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