Tourist or local?

For the past few weeks we have been back at our home stomping grounds in western Colorado – Grand Junction to be specific. This is our land. The place of our existence – successes and failures – for most of our adult lives. While our abodes have been more than two or three, the one constant is the familiarity of our geographic surroundings.bookcliffs

We know the quickest way across town, the best place to fill our fuel tanks, the local restaurants, and the business hours of most places we frequent.

But being a local also prevents us from seeing the ‘adventure’ in our own space. Yes, we know the beauty of the desert and the mountains that surround us but we don’t quite know how to be a tourist here. The intense familiarity of this place keeps us from seeing it with new eyes.

So we have been lazy – staying at the RV Park when we could have been venturing out, lounging when we could have been exploring. But it almost feels like we are resting in anticipation of the upcoming moves across the southwest and into the big state of Texas.

GJ3_CONationalMonument_So the rest will probably continue, interrupted only by a few family and friend meet ups that will be important to us before re-positioning to new worlds. Grateful for the time here, and ready to move on.

Our next landing spot will be our almost second home – Moab Utah. There will be plenty of red rock photos to post soon!











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