Coach Interior Photos March 2018

Several times people have asked about how we work and live in such a small space (less than 350 square feet).  Our motorhome has a few things going for it, even though it is almost 15 years old.

Probably one of the biggest selling points for this coach was the built-in desk set-up. It was an optional feature when the original owners purchased it, and since he was still consulting in business, he saw the need for it.

Another selling point was the light, maple wood throughout the coach.  All the “newer” used coaches we looked at when shopping, were built with very dark wood, or at least medium dark wood. The light wood gives the living area (along with the two slides) a much more open feeling.

We removed the dinette section of the coach, as well as removing the factory jack-knife couch. We replaced the couch with our own recliner couch, as we wanted to be comfortable!

The photos explain most of the set-ups, but we are always happy to answer the questions that folks have, so email us if you want to know more!

Just click on any photo and the larger version will pop up.