About Explorateurs

Ready for the Saturday races.
Alowetta and Marc Terrien

Hi there – Marc and Alowetta here. We are exploring the US in our 40 ft Travel Supreme motorhome while working in our website and software development company, Thin Air Web.

He is a mountain biker and a road biker, I’m a reader and a loafer.  We have a dog – a mini Aussie named Mac, and he is a great traveler.

We didn’t want to wait until we retired to travel, because we own a business and might be working till we are in the grave!  So, in 2013 we began looking at how to make our business completely virtual. After three years of getting ready, we hit the road in 2016. In June of 2020, we began our 5th year of full-time travel.  We haven’t been everywhere but we are gonna try to get there!

We planned differently than some others. Our part-time camping lifestyle had been around since we married and raised three boys – first in a tent, then in a truck camper, then a 27-foot bumper pull trailer, a 16-foot Shasta trailer, and now a 40-foot Class A motorhome.

We have three sons, three daughters-in-law, and five grandchildren – they are all the loves of our lives and the main reason for our travel. We want to see them and be around to enjoy them, but not live in our children’s space.

Explorateurs  – French for “explorers,” which is apropos with our French background…well, at least in Marc’s case. His father was a first-generation French Canadian. I have a French name, but that is about the closest thing to being French I have – except for that time I visited Paris (Texas).

PS – We are researching for a book “Married to Business: Strategies for working and living together.” – if you have any insights, just let us know!  You can hop over to that website here – Married To Business – and share your story with us!