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Our home for the past two years.

How blue painter’s tape helped us move into an RV

We decided about five years ago to start plans to make ourselves “location independent,” by purchasing an RV to live in and travel. We still needed to work, but with the business we own we knew we could be mobile and still serve our clients. We spent three years preparing for our adventure, including nightly […]


What if you were poor and living semi-homeless in an RV park?

Would anyone know?  Would they recognize your homelessness if they saw it?   When we bought our motorhome and moved into it full-time, we spent a month in an RV Park in our hometown, finishing with work and personal obligations.  It was mid-summer and hot…very hot.   We happened to be parked on the last row […]


Why do I wear earrings?

Rain, Rain, Go Away

You know that nursery rhyme – rain, rain, go away, come again another day. Well, living in an RV brings a whole new level to that little ditty. Living in less than 300 sq. ft. has delightful benefits, but one of them isn’t never being able to go outside. If you are in a 2,000 […]

Technology haters, listen up.

I know these days it is popular to hate technology, and how it has overtaken our lives.  While I’m not interested in arguing the point with anybody, I would like to say I am a 60+ grandmother who has embraced the advances of the digital information age.  In the past few weeks, I’ve: had a […]

Tourist or local?

The Terrifying Idea of Starting Over

The opposite of adventure is safety.  Or in the words of Helen Keller, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”  The opposite of my Gitan Heart is probably that even though I see myself as a gypsy, my comfort level pushes me to stay put in the same familiar surroundings that have been home […] motorhome

A Gitan Heart

I think I’ve always had a gypsy heart.  I don’t know that much about my ancestry (hey, I’m American), but I’m sure there were some gypsy-types hiding back there somewhere. I started wandering away when I was pretty young. Mostly down the street to neighbors’ houses, occasionally from my elementary school (which caused some concern […]

3 Things we learned in prepping for full-time

1. Live as if… We had been planning to become full-timer mobile residents for over 3 years. One way we helped ourselves was to deliberating begin to live ‘as if.’ We measured a few motorhome spaces, and began to move ‘into’ the space in our own home. This included moving from a master suite to […]


What is wrong with you?

One of the many reactions we have gotten since deciding to go “full-timing” in a motorhome.  Others include: oh, that sounds like so much fun! (usually as they are turning their backs and snickering under their breath) wow, did you quit your job? (no, we own our own business and will be working full time […]