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Not only do we live in an RV, we work there fulltime, too

We are some of those ‘working RVers’ who have chosen to travel and work, and created a business and lifestyle that can support that.  However, we aren’t the typical young millennials that are seen in most interviews, blogs, and TV specials. We are in our 50’s/60’s and have owned our own business for 13 years. […]

Our home for the past two years.

How blue painter’s tape helped us move into an RV

We decided about five years ago to start plans to make ourselves “location independent,” by purchasing an RV to live in and travel. We still needed to work, but with the business we own we knew we could be mobile and still serve our clients. We spent three years preparing for our adventure, including nightly […]


Look Before You . . .

Leap? Park? Pull out in traffic? Drop the jacks? I know each of us claims to have a ‘checklist’ that is part of our teardown and setup routine, but do we really run our checklist? Is it written down, and actually checked? Or are you trusting your (increasingly cluttered/distracted) brain for these all important, and […]