We made it to Toquerville Falls

Jeeping in Southwestern Utah

What happens when you take your Princess Jeep to a beefy Jeep Crawler gathering? Surprisingly, you are met with (virtual) open arms! Such is the case when we met up with other members of the FMCA 4Wheelers group, a club of like-minded Jeep and motorhome/RVers, a group that has been around since 1995. Making our […]

My favorite Lighthouse

Lighthouses on the Lake

While visiting Lake Havasu City AZ, one of the most fun ‘touristy’ thing you can do is take an open-air boat tour of the Lighthouses around Lake Havasu, the Island, and lakeshores. Lake Havasu is created from the Parker Dam on the Colorado River, which serves as the border between western Arizona and eastern California. […]

Some of the cars in the JGR shop.

Making it fun at some NASCAR tracks

In the spring, we made a trek across the southeast to visit family in Virginia. (You can see our visits on other blog posts at) Washington DC Williamsburg VA But one of our favorite reasons (besides family) to be in the southeast US was to attend not one but TWO NASCAR races! If you aren’t […]

Elegant marble staircase to the basement.

Why Hot Springs Arkansas?

There wasn’t really a big reason to drive all the way to Hot Springs Arkansas, except that RVing friends had told us there was a great private off-roading park there, and epic mountain biking in the area. We had to make a stop somewhere on our way from Knoxville, Tennessee to Texas and it seemed […]

Dressed to attend the Ball!

Living history abounds in southern Virginia

It could be the cheesiest tourist trap in the world. Or the Disneyland of American history. But it isn’t. It really is an amazing living history museum that is an entire town, recreating what history shows was one of the most influential communities of the early pre-United States of America. Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, is a […]

Obligatory Monument photo

We walked the Mall. And a bunch of other places too.

Recently, we visited rural Virginia and some of Marc’s family, and also took a weekend to go into Washington DC to see our niece. We had such a great time in DC with Autumn and her beau, Dave. We walked a lot and ate a lot! We rode the Metro into DC, after driving more […]

The Speedway offices.

It’s Bristol Baby!

When we started traveling, we didn’t actually put together a ‘bucket list’ of places we wanted to go, but knew from all the conversations we had over the years there were a few places we would definitely go. Bristol Motor Speedway was one of those places. We have been NASCAR race fans for many years, […]


Sea turtles stole my heart

I fell in love with sea turtles. I’ve never actually touched one, but when we visited the Sea Turtle, Inc nonprofit organization on South Padre Island, I couldn’t resist their cuteness! It was the one place on SPI that I really wanted to visit while we were staying in Harlingen for the winter of 2018-2019. […]

Entry to Tropic Winds RV Park

A 55+ park – is it for you?

We have been spending the winter months (Dec, Jan, Feb) in South Texas, home of Winter Texans. Yes, this is a thing. People come from all the northern states and Canada to the southern tip of the big state to hang out in warmer weather for the winter. Having never been here, we didn’t quite […]

The Car Show in McAllen

Last weekend, we decided to drive up to McAllen (about 40 miles away) to see what was happening in the big city. McAllen is probably the largest city in the Rio Grande Valley area of South Texas, and has more infrastructure than most of the other smaller cities. There was an advertised Car Show happening, with more […]

car rental return

Monday on Tuesday

So…… You are awakened early to a server gone bonkers over a scheduled backup that failed to delete the old files, overflowing the drive, which takes down 80 websites. An hour after you get that resolved, a typo in a firewall update takes down another server’s access to remote data, taking down over 100 sites […]

Not only do we live in an RV, we work there fulltime, too

We are some of those ‘working RVers’ who have chosen to travel and work, and created a business and lifestyle that can support that.  However, we aren’t the typical young millennials that are seen in most interviews, blogs, and TV specials. We are in our 50’s/60’s and have owned our own business for 13 years. […]