Dignity Stands Tall

When we headed to South Dakota, our main task was to get our driver’s licenses as new residents. We had checked all the availability of DMV offices when we were planning our trip, and the only available appointments were in a small town almost in the center of the state – Chamberlain.

We had never really heard of Chamberlain, but after a quick review and check of RV parks, we decided this was going to be a great side trip!

The RV Park wound up being a local city campground, overlooking the Missouri River. A beautiful setting and a perfect campsite overlooking the river, with a walking path and quick access to the small town of Chamberlain.

We spent a week there, and took in all the amazing sites that they offered including the BEAUTIFUL and not-as-popular-as-it-should -be large sculpture of Dignity. It resides at the top of a ridge overlooking the town, and at an easily accessible rest area of the interstate.  She is stunning!! Worth the stop!

There also is a small but informative Lewis and Clark museum, since the famed expedition spent a winter in the area around what would become the town.

Also, the Lakota Museum is a must-stop, showcasing some amazing artifacts from the area and presenting a historical perspective of the Indian wars and the settling of the area.

Our trip was so enjoyable and we were happy to call Chamberlain our home for the week!

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