Jeepin’ in Moab

If there is any single place that evokes that ‘bucket list’ response for a Jeeper, it is the red rocks of Moab Utah.  To scale the trails of crazy -named places like Metal Masher, Top of the World, or Chicken Corners is a dream drive for a rock-crawler.  Red dirt, slick rock, and sunshine / bluesky / happyface days make Moab a Happy Place!

Our youngest son is a Jeeper. He spent a year working his dream job at a Jeep fabrication shop in Moab, before moving to New Mexico and eventually starting a Jeep Fab Shop of his own.  At latest count, I believe he owns 5 jeeps of different styles (for different uses, he always says).

He drove up with one of those Jeeps, and we had a couple of great days of dirt driving and rock crawling.  One day he took his ol’ mom out to do some easy dirt driving, and I think I surprised him by being able to gear up and down. He needed to be reminded that the ol’ mom has spent most of her life driving a ‘stick’ and actually prefers it to the easier-driving automatics.

He was a good sport and it is always fun to hang out with our adult children, who have turned out to be pretty amazing people!

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