Dublin Dr Pepper

Many people may not know this about me now, but I used to consume a fair amount of Dr Pepper in my day. To be accurate, there are probably decades of 6-pack-per-day days in my past.

I did finally break that habit, but I still wanted to see the only Dr Pepper bottling plant that produces the syrupy wonder drink with only Imperial Pure Cane Sugar (not corn syrup as most sodas are produced now).

The plant in Dublin, Texas, also is the oldest operating plant in the history of Dr. Pepper, albeit small compared to all others.

It does still make Dr Pepper the old fashioned way, but nowadays, I think it probably makes more money as a tourist attraction. There is an old-time soda fountain where you can get a Dr Pepper float (with real Blue Bell vanilla ice cream), or a Big Red or many other old time favorites.

A museum with lots of memorabilia, including a huge collection of ‘stuff’ belonging to the longtime manager and eventual owner, is a nominal $5 per person visit or free if you are as old as I am.

It has been featured on the Food Network, Travel Channel, and was a ‘product placement’ shot in the movie, “Forest Gump.”

Dublin is a tiny town, and the Dr Pepper plant stands tall among the mostly abandoned downtown area. It’s also not really on the way to much of anywhere, but we took the drive over just to see the way things used to be, back when everything was within a day’s horseback ride.

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