What is wrong with you?

One of the many reactions we have gotten since deciding to go “full-timing” in a motorhome.  Others include:

  • oh, that sounds like so much fun!
    • (usually as they are turning their backs and snickering under their breath)
  • wow, did you quit your job?
    • (no, we own our own business and will be working full time while we travel)
  • when are you coming back?
    • (maybe never, we haven’t decided yet)
  • can I go with you?
    • (what do I look like, your mother? – and no, none of our children asked to go with us)

It has been a bit weird to see the reactions of some of our friends, and our relatives.  Some people seem genuinely excited for us, and a few seem concerned that we won’t be around (although those people aren’t really around much either)!

Much of my life has been lived with the motto – if some is good, more is better and too much is just about enough! We accumulated just as many treasures, collectibles and STUFF as any other family, and then one day looked around and said, “how did we get all of this??!?!?”

Even though it had taken more than a few years to accumulate it, we took only a few months to eliminate it!  Numerous trips to the consignment stores, the donation stations, our kid’s homes (yes, we thrust as much as we could onto them), and eventually we got down to a small storage unit that we are planning to empty within a year!

So now, if it isn’t in the basement bays of the motorhome, we probably don’t need it – I guess we are going to find out anyway!

PS – The Long, Long Trailer photo reference is a tribute to my friend, Illene. If you don’t recognize this movie reference…well, just google Lucille Ball movies.

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