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When the view isn’t glamorous.

As full-time RVers, we often are envious of the beautiful beach photos on Instagram that other RVers post from their ‘office’ windows.  We’ve been guilty of it also.


We are so blessed and lucky to be able to travel to fun vacation spots, while still working on our business. We know other people are often envious of us!


However, sometimes the view just isn’t that great.  Sometimes you choose to spend time in small, plain RV parks with no amenities, or mooch-dock in someone’s driveway. We’ve done both.  We spent 5 weeks at a plain-jane Park, where I posted some thoughts here.


One of our most recent spots was in Albuquerque, where our youngest son has a large Jeep fabrication shop and lots of ‘space’ where we can park our rig and use his electric. With some help (extra shop bathroom shower) and occasionally at their house, we stayed for 2 weeks before having to pull out for a tank dump.


 Shop 2 outside Shop photo 1


We didn’t have views, and the noises are different (forklifts and skid steers moving things around), but it was handy since we were having our son do some work on our Jeep – which was his Jeep at one time.


But it doesn’t really matter to us – we aren’t wrapped up in needing a Resort Park with lots of amenities. Even when staying at a more upscale Park, we rarely take advantage of the pool or spa. Most often we are looking for a safe and standard place to park, with hookups and room to park our Jeep.


Whether the desert or the mountains or the driveway of a mechanic shop, we still love our life!
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