The Car Show in McAllen

Last weekend, we decided to drive up to McAllen (about 40 miles away) to see what was happening in the big city. McAllen is probably the largest city in the Rio Grande Valley area of South Texas, and has more infrastructure than most of the other smaller cities.

There was an advertised Car Show happening, with more than 300 cars on display – from old classics to hot rods to scores of Corvettes and Mustangs from the local car clubs.

People put a lot of money into show cars! These are not your average driving cars (though clearly some are driven regularly), but decked out and polished up to shine and show.

It was quite a site, one that we don’t get to see too often. We enjoyed the tour around the convention center, and even got to see the Batmobile, complete with some guy dressed up as ‘The Joker’ and having a great time taking photos with kids of all ages.

It was a good outing, considering that it was pouring down rain for most of the day, so we couldn’t do much of anything else anyway. Except eat. There is always time for eating, rain or shine!


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