Not only do we live in an RV, we work there fulltime, too

We are some of those ‘working RVers’ who have chosen to travel and work, and created a business and lifestyle that can support that.  However, we aren’t the typical young millennials that are seen in most interviews, blogs, and TV specials.
We are in our 50’s/60’s and have owned our own business for 13 years. We just chose to take our daily life of working together and transition it to a tiny space. And pick a different view from our window each month.

Desk in office position.
Alowetta’s desk area.

Working together isn’t something new for us. In fact, we are working on a book, “Married to Business,” to help other couples with successful strategies for living and working together. Most of our experiences can be translated to any other couples’ lives. (Quick side note: if you are a couple interested in participating in an interview, send an email to: survey(at)

Working together in a small space?  Here are a few things that help us maintain sanity!

Marc's desk, which is motorized to raise and lower.
Marc’s desk area.
  1. Headphones – we like different styles of music.  And one or another of us is on the phone (a lot). Headphones help us keep our ‘headspace’ separate since we are only about 5 feet apart.
  2. Our desk setups allow us to sit with our backs to each other. This keeps us (ok, it keeps me) from just randomly talking to Marc.  That and the headphones.
  3. We text each other – yes, we do sit in the same small space and text each other. That way, he can answer my question when he has a moment, instead of me interrupting him, him saying ‘wait a minute’ and me forgetting what I was going to ask him by the time he is free to answer.
  4. Office Chairs – we decided before transitioning to the RV that we would need our very ‘office’ chairs because we sit for many hours per day. They have saved us plenty of backaches.
  5. We still have ‘staff’ meetings. About once a week we sit in our ‘conference room’ (ok, the couch or chairs) and recap the current work and social schedule, and plan for the next week.
  6. Sometimes I work outside. Marc has a giant Thunderbolt monitor on his desk, and prefers to work there. However, when the weather is right and I have the option, I often like to sit outside for a while and work.
  7. We break for lunch. Yes, we really do stop working, make some lunch and either sit outside (if the weather is right) or read or talk about things other than work. Usually, it is only about a ½ hour, but that break helps us focus our work afternoon.

I’m sure there are lots of other ideas that you have for working together in a small space. Let us know what works for you!

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