We made it to Toquerville Falls

Jeeping in Southwestern Utah

What happens when you take your Princess Jeep to a beefy Jeep Crawler gathering?

Surprisingly, you are met with (virtual) open arms!

Such is the case when we met up with other members of the FMCA 4Wheelers group, a club of like-minded Jeep and motorhome/RVers, a group that has been around since 1995.

Making our way southward from Colorado in October – chasing 75 degrees – we planned to attend our first-ever event with this group. We have been members of the club for about a year but never seemed to be in the right-place-at-the-right-time.

But at the end of October, we managed to meet about 70 members at a ‘socially-distanced gathering.’ Not a Rally, because of COVID restrictions, but a casual meet-at-the-trailhead gathering for some fun off-road rock-crawling.

The group members were friendly, and helpful as we were first-timer event attendees. Jeep trail leaders were helpful and the trails were challenging but do-able with our Princess Jeep – though we did choose trails that were “easy” on the scale.

We hope to join the group again in January and February 2021, in Yuma Arizona, and Quartzsite AZ. Happy Trails!


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