July Journal: It’s so hot!!!

We’ve been in Grand Junction Colorado for the past six weeks and it has been so incredibly hot!! Like 100+ degrees day after day after day.
So, how do you deal with heat when you are living in a motorhome? Let me clarify: how do you deal with the heat when you are working all day at your business while living in the motorhome?
Well, you better have enough electricity to run the air conditioner(s).
We’ve spent the last 2 weeks at a state park, where 30 AMP electrical service was only available. This prevented us from running both our air conditioners, but we have managed with the one without it being ghastly hot. However, the unit runs almost all the time, rarely shutting off. Which eventually gives one or both of us a headache.
We have a room fan that also runs, to keep the air flowing when the air conditioner does stop. We also have small personal fans for our desks
Luckily, our motorhome is mostly white (unlike newer coaches that are dark black or red). We have small awnings on most of our windows. Also, we are BIG believers in using Reflectix sheets for the windows. Although, that does make you sit in the ‘dark’ without sun coming through the windows. Ugh.
Our sometimes outside office, at least in the early morning.
Our sometimes outside office, at least in the early morning.
We spend the mornings outside, at the picnic table, doing as much work as possible before retreating to the interior of our little box home. Amazingly, unlike places that are very humid, the air here is very dry, so the temperature differences in shade and sun are pretty dramatic.
We also resort to going to the Mall or Cabela’s or a restaurant, just to enjoy the coolness for a little while.
And yes, we could have chosen to go to a place that wasn’t so hot! (Always the go-to answer of RVers is, if you don’t like where you are – move!)
We have been here anticipating and receiving our 4th grandchild, and first girl – born July 6th. So, leaving wasn’t an option.
But now, it is time. We are moving on to cooler weather! Crested Butte, Colorado, here we come!
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