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A Gitan Heart

I think I’ve always had a gypsy heart.  I don’t know that much about my ancestry (hey, I’m American), but I’m sure there were some gypsy-types hiding back there somewhere. I started wandering away when I was pretty young. Mostly down the street to neighbors’ houses, occasionally from my elementary school (which caused some concern […]

3 Things we learned in prepping for full-time

1. Live as if… We had been planning to become full-timer mobile residents for over 3 years. One way we helped ourselves was to deliberating begin to live ‘as if.’ We measured a few motorhome spaces, and began to move ‘into’ the space in our own home. This included moving from a master suite to […]


What is wrong with you?

One of the many reactions we have gotten since deciding to go “full-timing” in a motorhome.  Others include: oh, that sounds like so much fun! (usually as they are turning their backs and snickering under their breath) wow, did you quit your job? (no, we own our own business and will be working full time […]