August Journal – Week 4

Well, the smoke and fires began to overwhelm our time in Idaho in late August, and we made the decision to change our travel plans and head back to Colorado sooner than our original timeframe.  Seven land or forest fires broke out around us in the span of five days, making it incredibly hard to breathe or do any biking or hiking. While we could have waited it out, we decided not to do so.

The nice thing about living your life in a mobile-friendly fashion – when you decide to move you just MOVE!

We had already anticipated a couple of weeks in western Colorado in late September, because of client work and personal items. We rolled back into the Grand Junction area on August 27th, and are staying at the RV Ranch until September 23rd.

However, when we roll out on that Friday, we will be leaving for an anticipated SIX MONTHS!  Hard to believe!  We haven’t been away from western Colorado for that long in the past 33 years, except once.  This is how we see our real adventure beginning… when we aren’t within a day or two’s drive back to familiar surroundings.

However, spending a week in Moab Utah and another week in Albuquerque (during Balloon Fiesta) will be familiar places.  In fact, we won’t be in unfamiliar territory until mid-November, when we leave north Texas for the Hill Country and southern borders of the Big State.

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