Sunset On Plomosa Road, Quartzsite AZ

Quartzsite November Journal

If you have been RVing very long, or even just reading the blogs of others who do, you will eventually come across “Quartzsite.” Quartzsite, Arizona is in the southwestern area, about 30 miles from the California border, and on Interstate 10.  It is a very small community, whose claim to fame is that it is […]

Cadillac Ranch, Dad and me. My father wasn't that impressed, since he has had a love of Caddie's since I was a girl.

Strolling down Memory Lane. With my parents.

My father was a mail carrier and my mother went to college when she was 16. These were just two of the many things I learned when we took my parents on a nostalgic trip down History Lane. We had made the trip to Amarillo Texas, to see where they spent most of their younger […]


Look Before You . . .

Leap? Park? Pull out in traffic? Drop the jacks? I know each of us claims to have a ‘checklist’ that is part of our teardown and setup routine, but do we really run our checklist? Is it written down, and actually checked? Or are you trusting your (increasingly cluttered/distracted) brain for these all important, and […]

Postcards From America

Reflections on the RVE Summit

There have been wonderful reports and reflections on the weekend of February 24-26, The RV Entrepreneur Summit. All of these summations have been beautifully written and informative, and delightfully funny! The photos have been nothing less than amazing, especially the night photography sessions with Joe Hendricks! Rather than just review my take on the sessions, […]


What if you were poor and living semi-homeless in an RV park?

Would anyone know?  Would they recognize your homelessness if they saw it?   When we bought our motorhome and moved into it full-time, we spent a month in an RV Park in our hometown, finishing with work and personal obligations.  It was mid-summer and hot…very hot.   We happened to be parked on the last row […]


Why do I wear earrings?

Rain, Rain, Go Away

You know that nursery rhyme – rain, rain, go away, come again another day. Well, living in an RV brings a whole new level to that little ditty. Living in less than 300 sq. ft. has delightful benefits, but one of them isn’t never being able to go outside. If you are in a 2,000 […]

Abandoned 3

Abandoned buildings

Why are we always fascinated with old dilapidated buildings, run-down, abandoned and left to rot and fall. Perhaps it is a curiosity about what causes a person to leave a structure they worked so hard to create? After all, most old, abandoned buildings were hand built, using whatever materials might be available where the builder […]

When is a cafe better than a Storybook?

It truly was a delight to have lunch at a charming little cafe in Glen Rose Texas, called the Storiebook Cafe. It is housed in an old gas station and converted garage. The cafe is a mixture of eclectic tables, chairs and knickknacks, but the real treasures are the bookshelves that line the walls. Every […]

The office of the former owner of the plant. Messy.

Dublin Dr Pepper


Where’s Chip? A Visit to Magnolia Market

Well, all you HGTV lovers, feast your eyes on where we spent  Black Friday – at the “Fixer Uppers” newly opened Magnolia Market in downtown Waco, Texas. If you follow the show, you know the stars – Chip and Joanna Gaines – decided a while back to purchase a mostly abandoned block downtown, which had silos […]